About Pre Planning

What is a Pre Arranged Funeral?

A prearranged funeral is a funeral arrangement made prior to death. It is a practical way of determining your wishes for your own funeral or for the person for whom you are responsible. These arrangements can be made with the funeral director either in the funeral home or at your own residence.

The prearranged funeral is part of sensible estate planning.

Everyone should consider a prearranged funeral, regardless of age or background. Some people believe that planning for a funeral now will save others that responsibility later.

Nursing Homes now require that funeral arrangements be in place prior to a resident entering the home.

Although there are no requirements to prepay when you prearrange a funeral, you may wish to consider doing so. Low and Low Funeral Directors will deposit the prepaid funds in a trust account, Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada (Fraternal) until the services are required. At your request the pre-paid funeral funds can be withdrawn and returned to you, together with all accrued interest.

Planning Your Own Funeral

While it is difficult to plan the funeral for another, it is even more difficult to consider one's own funeral. None of us want to think about death.

The family must decide on many matters. Much of this distress and decision making can be eliminated by the simple act of pre-arrangement. You wouldn't knowingly put a burden on your family at any time, but by not making simple arrangements in advance, you may do so.

When you plan and arrange your own funeral, you make a gift of love to your family. You relieve them of difficult decisions.

Consider the wisdom of writing down your wishes and instructions now and sharing them with your family. They will know, and you'll have peace of mind in knowing that everything has been taken care of.